New Venture Support Services

In any new venture, there are skills that take time to build.  MTECH specializes in bridging the gap in time between startup and mature team formation, allowing firms to carefully build and organize a team without the intense pressure of instant results.


Most mistakes in a new venture are made at the front end with substantial cost.  Sometimes promising ideas die because they are prematurely formed, ill-defined, poorly described, or unproven.   Many new ideas get passed over because the new venture does not have a team in place or the means to get to a realistic conceptual design or prototype.  MTECH can take these very promising ideas and give them an honest evaluation without “breaking the bank”.


Typically, all new ventures move ideas through the following key phases:  (1) the conceptual design, (2) concept assessment, (3) prototyping, and (4) prototype assessment.  MTECH can provide customers with assistance through all these phases.  MTECH offers a small team of professionals with a proven track record of bringing ideas from vague concepts to manufacturable prototypes.

1) Conceptual Design


MTECH can work with the venture to form and illustrate the conceptual design.    At MTECH, animators and engineers work side by side with expert  technical writers to provide a concise and accurate description of the idea for the investment community, potential customers, marketing agents, as well as other scientists and engineers.   Beyond graphics, MTECH can work with the venture in developing brochures, technical presentations, engineering drawings, marketing materials, and patents.


2) Concept Assessment


Many ideas already look good and are presented well, but need serious critiquing.  Usually this is done using expensive consultants who must be located, evaluated and screened, costing valuable time and introducing additional risk.  MTECH has an expert staff and a network of consultants, drawing from the leading universities and research labs in the country.


3) Prototype Development


MTECH can take a concept at any stage and produce a prototype, saving valuable time and reducing the risk of a new venture.  Before any serious money is spent or long term commitments are made, the venture can get a good feel as to whether or not the concept has any promise or traction.  If things look good, everyone wins.  This allows investors to make well-informed decisions without diving in head-first.


4) Prototype Assessment


Prototyping must be done with care.  Whether prototypes are built in a garage, basement, or in a well-equipped laboratory, the results could be misleading.  MTECH can provide an independent assessment, giving confidence to investors, especially those involved with complex technologies.

Technical Writing and Expression

MTECH prides itself in producing well-crafted proposals, marketing media, or engineering documents, especially those with complex technical content.  MTECH offers assistance to companies and individuals who would like to strengthen this vital aspect of their business.


It is increasingly difficult to hide the fact that English literacy of technical and business professionals is in decline, despite the fact that technology is booming.  Whatever the cause, it is apparent that the skill of communicating in a clear and concise manner is becoming a lost art.  This is not a recent phenomenon, but is the result of a gradual decline in respect for the language in both media and in common parlance.  Yet, in business, it has never been so important to express ideas in clear and concise English.  Nothing spoils an important document more than a simple grammatical error, especially a misplaced, misused, or misspelled word.  The fact that these errors are so prevalent, despite the use of computerized spelling and grammar checkers, is symptomatic of a larger problem in the workplace.

MTECH offers support for:


     •  Proposals


     •  Presentations


     •  Patents


     •  Brochures


     •  Datasheets


     •  Technical Papers


     •  Manuals


     •  Scripts


     •  Press Releases

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